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Stone FX

We offer Decorative Cement Overlays that look and feel like real stone



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Important Factors When Choosing a Sealer

If Gorgeous, Durable, Waterproof, Easy Care, and Affordable are words you like to hear...then we need to talk.

Interior & Exterior Flooring

Enjoy Customizing your Flooring needs to meet and exceed your expectations.  They are all custom colorted to taste and come with a 10-Year Warranty to insure you will enjoy them for many years to come. You pick what popular type of floors you want us to install:

- Polished Concrete/Stain & Seal

- Decorative Cement Overlays

- Self Leveling Overlays

- Epoxy Systems

- Chip Systems

We help you choose the...

Floor Finish: Flat, Stone Texture, Stamped

Colors: 300+ colors to pick from

Floor Pattern: Stone, Marble, or Granite

Sealer: Polyurea, Polyespradic, Urethane, Acrylic, Oil, or Water Base.

Interior & Exterior Counter Tops

Enjoy customizing your new Counter Tops to meet and exceed your expectations.  They are all custom colored to taste and come with a 10-Year Warranty.  Our counter tops are "No Tear Out" and go right over your old:

- Granite/Marble/Quartz

- Cultured Marble

- Formica

- Plywood

You pick what popular type of counter tops your want us to install:

Decorative Cement Overlay Counter Tops

Epoxy Counter Top System

We help you choose the...

Counter Top Finish: Flat or Stone Textured

Edges: Chiseled, Flat, Bullnose, Custom

Colors: 300+ colors to choose from.

Shower & Tub Enclosures

Enjoy customizing your new Shower& Tub Enclosure to meet and exceed your expectations.  Cement Showers are easy care, durable, and feel like natural stone.  They are also one piece with no seams to fail or caulk.  You will love the fact they are all "No Tear Out" meaning they go over your existing tile without the mess and cost of tearing it out the old.

You decide...

Shower Finish: Stone Texture or Flat

Border: Size and color

Accents: Decorative Tile or Cement Patterns

Colors: 300+  colors to choose from

Buildins: Shelves and Seats

Imporatant Factors When

Choosing a Floor

Important Factors When Choosing Your Colors





"A 5-Star Company. I'd recommend them to anyone."

"The process was excellent start to finish."

"Stone FX made sure we got exactly what we wanted."

"Daily progress reports photos...letting us know what to expect the next day was refreshing"

"I think they saved our marriage.  We both got what we wanted"

"No value for the money."