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Care and Maintenance for: Overlay Floors - Interior - Flat/Stone Texture/Pattern

.  Listed below is a suggested way to maintain your floors, but may need to be changed or altered to suit your specific requirement(s) of upkeeping your new floors.

If the damage removed the Polish.

- Clean the area

- Let dry

- Polish or Buff the floors

Area restored

If the damage removed the polish & sealer.  

Also follow this step if your sealer has worn off due to wear and tear to the point

were water doesn't bead up any longer and it leaves a dark spot when wet.

- Clean the area

- Let dry

- Reseal

- Wipe off excess (if repairing a small area)

- Let dry

- Polish (optional – as needed)

Area repaired.  

If the damage removed the polish, sealer, and color.  

Follow this step on any adhesive (tape) damage as well.

- Clean the area

- Pray on colorant

- Wipe off excess

- Reseal

- Wipe of excess

- Polish (optional – as needed)

Area repaired.

If the damage removed the polish, sealer, color, and overlay.  

Also follow this step for damage caused by blunt force.

- Clean the area

- Mix and add overlay material (optional) If you need any overlay material let us know.

- Use a putty knife to fill in the damaged overlay area

- wipe off excess

- let dry

- color

- wipe off excess

- let dry

- Seal

- wipe off excess

- Let dry

- Polish (optional - as needed)

Area repaired

The sheen on the surface is dull due to use or UV light  

As you know your floors were delivered to you in a satin-semi gloss sheen.  

Sheen is something that needs to be maintained.  Sheen can and will dull over time

due to wear and tear and UV light.  To return to original satin-semi gloss sheen all you need to do is:

- Clean the floors to the point were there is no dirt, shoe marks, or dirty water marks.

- Polish or Buff the floors to restore them to a satin/semi gloss finish.

Here is a list of products we recommend when doing care and maintenance:

Important:  Follow all manufactures instructions.

Cleaning the Floors us a: Neutral Cleaner (we recommend ZEP brand)

Available at: Lowes or Home Depot

Follow all manufacturers instructions


Colorant: H & C Colortop Concrete Stain

Available for purchase at any: Sherwin Williams

If you need to know the colorant you picked just email us and

we will send you the recipee to take into any Sherwin Williams store

so they can make it for you.  

Important: Be sure to mix the colorant with water before use.  Ratio used was 3:1 or to taste.  3 water to 1 colorant OR to taste

Recommeded Floor Polish

- ZEP High Traffic Floor Polish

- ZEP Wet Look Polish

Available at: Any Lowe's or Home Depot

Follow:  All manufacturers guidlines for installation.  

Test: Test areas first before appling thoughout

Sealer  (If you don't remember the selected sealer for your project just email us and will find out which one you choose)

  Most common sealer choose for our Overlays is:  H & C Clarishield Oil Base Concrete Sealer

  Available at: Sherwin Williams

  Follow ALL manufacturers guidlines for installaiton.

  Test a small area first before applying thoughout.