Important Factors When Choosing a Color...


#1 problem in our industry.  Do they know how to color concrete? Can they blend you colors correclty/evenly?

Can they create vains, stone, and granite looks you want on your floor or counter tops?  Do they create a sample

board first before coloring you floors/counter tops? What are thier guarantees you'll love the color?


#1 regret folks have is they didn't realize that dark colors wiill show dirt as does real light colors when dark hair is

present in pets or people.  We encourge, for  those who aren't clean freaks, to have us color your custom colors

in the "middle range" not too light  or too dark.  By doing so your floors will look clean even when they aren't.



If you choose a dark color WITH a Gloss or Wet Look sealer you will see every spec of dust and find it difficult to

clean withoiut seeing your dirty water residue.  

Warm or Cool?     

Cool colors are trending and have been for the past 8-9 years.  Howeve warm tones aren't far behind.  Look at       

your walls.  Are they cool or warm?  Floors should be in thata family.

Do I like a lot or a little contrast?     

Look around the house.  It will tell you your answer.

How to Pick Colors       

There are two types of clients on this topic.  90% or our client likes to pick out a picture online of what they want the finished product to look like.  10% of our client go to the paint store and pick out thier base color and thier accent color(s). If your one

of the 90% then go online to our Web sits, Google Images, Pinterest, etc. find one you like and send it to us for our colorist to mimic for you.  If your the 10% then go to Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwin William and pick your Base Color and Accent Color.  

What are some important coloring guidlies?

- 1 Base Color mixed with 1 Accent Color makes 3-5 colors.  3 colors makes 7-9 colors that may look muddy when mixed.

- Dark colors trump light colors

- Don't pick two colors that are close in color.  When applies you will only see on color

- Sealers do not change the colors but will bring them out and appear a half a shade darker

- Since we all see colors slightly different after we agree on the catagory (i.e. Grey) it is best for the person who

  is choosing the color pick the colors as they see them.  

Why use a company like Stone FX to color my floors, counter tops, etc.?

- We will show you your colors on your custom sample board BEFORE coloring to make sure you love them

- We show you your colors in a Marble, Granite, and Stone look

- We show you your colors both light and darker tone

- We won't seal your new floors or Counter Tops until you are 100% happy with the colors

- We can adjust the colors after they are installed if you want to do that.

- We can repair areas years later to match the colors you used originally